Why Wolverine?

Meeting Place with God

First and foremost, WCSC is a God-centered camp. Sharing the love of God is our focus, our purpose and our entire reason for being here.

Instant Impact

Time at WCSC has incredible spiritual impact because it’s concentrated. It’s a 24-7 focus on making a spiritual difference. The first day at WCSC offers more time than a month of Sunday School.

A Chance to Unplug

Leave your cell phones at home! Camp is a chance for you to unplug from the grind, to not have texts beeping or emails interrupting. It’s easier to have a meaningful time at camp when we’re away from the distractions of the world. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be out of touch at WCSC! We still keep parents in the loop with website updates and we use the latest technology to keep campers interested!

Why Wolverine?

Remember walking through the woods and playing outside with your friends?  WCSC creates those memberable experiences, letting children, youth and families interact with God’s creation in one of the best outdoor settings in the state.

Wolverine is the place to be.  It’s all about the experience.